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We love your passion, we understand your
needs, and we want to partner with you.

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The benefits of partnering with TBSP


Keep your presses active

We’ll deliver a flow of orders to you throughout the year.

Paid on time. Every time.

Because all orders are handled electronically, there’s no need to submit invoices.

Great work deserves great rewards

We provide quality-focused incentives and recognize your outstanding efforts.

Manage logistics in the shop or on the go

Take charge of the entire press process from your PC, tablet, or phone.

TBSP work for you

At TBSP, we will:

  • Manage all customer-facing aspects of ordering
  • Proof and process the artwork
  • Purchase the blanks
  • Provide vectored print-ready files
Partner With Us

Better scheduling with TBSP APP


We know a successful shop starts with an organized daily workflow. It’s why we work with our partners to understand their challenges and scheduling pain-points. The result is an online system that keeps you informed, on track, and in control.

  • Prioritize daily with integrated smart scheduling
  • See orders and analyze the workload in advance
  • Access job worksheets
  • Scan live barcodes on work orders
  • One-click problem reportint to the TBSP team
  • Arrange for shipping with no out-of-pocket costs

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