Screen printing

Screen printing is a traditional method of garment printing we use here at The Best Screen Printing. Our production team has over 10 years experience with this printing method.

We offer a variety of screen printing options from Glow in the Dark Ink, High Density Printing, Puff Print, and more. Screen printing is ideal for larger quantity orders and is the most durable printing method available. If taken care of responsibly, a screen printed garment is able to last 30+ years.

This printing method has a minimum of 12 pcs per design and a set up fee of $25 per screen color. Standard turnaround time for screen printed orders is 10 business days.

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Direct to Garment (DTG)

DTG printing is the perfect printing method for those just starting out and wanting to produce different designs on separate garments. With DTG, you can print artworks with infinite amounts of color and gradients and it is also perfect for printing photos onto garments.

Depending on the garment color, the shirt is first applied with a pretreat solvent which is then applied with a hot plate. Afterwards, the shirt is fed onto the platen and adjusted by hand, then is printed in a matter of minutes. Once the artwork is printed, the garment is placed on a hot plate once again to cure the ink and dry the garment.

DTG printing does not have any set up fees, minimums, and has a standard turnaround time of 7-10 business days.

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Embroidery utilizes thread stitching to create your design. It is long-lasting, durable, and versatile. Our embroidery machine heads can stitch up to 150,000 stitches and is able to maintain fine details in almost all designs.

Embroidery adds a higher level of quality to your garment designs. We offer 3D Embroidery, Glow in the Dark threading, Fireproof stitching, Patch Work, etc; and we offer Rayon and Polyester threads. The type of embroidering and thread style depends on the material of the garment and, ultimately, the final desired outcome of the product.

Embroidery has a minimum of 12pcs per design and contains a set up fee of $65 dollars for us to convert your artwork file into a stitch file our production machine can read.

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