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Express yourself with more than 10 custom effects!

Create a custom look with more than 10 dazzling effects. TBSP can embroider on almost any apparel stock you desire.
Size it your way–up to 14” wide and down to 12-point detailing. No matter what your style, the high-quality, detailed results will make you look like a professional. TBSP does it all for you—from purchasing blank apparel to handling shipping.
All of our apparel embroidering is done at TBSP, so we can ensure that you will receive exactly what you envision.



All sweatshirts & hoodies

Mens Crewneck Sweatshirts

$25.00 $11.00

All sweatshirts & hoodies

Mens Pullover Hoodie

$25.00 $11.00

All t-shirts

Mens Tank Top


All t-shirts

Mens V-Neck T-Shirt


All t-shirts

Womens V-Neck T-Shirt


Embroidery services pricing

Pricing Your Job
See product pages or request a quote for pricing embroidery, specialty threads, 3D foam or custom effects. There are no hidden setup fees! Prices include all digitization and setup costs.

Custom Embroidery Effects

Add a something extra to your apparel’s look with custom embroidery effects from TBSP.

3D Foam

Create an attention grabbing, 3-D effect! Embroidery is stitched over a foam base, which creates a raised graphic effect similar to logos on major league sports hats. 3D foam effects are great for designs with no thin/narrow lines or fonts.


Custom Fill Patterns

Repeat your logo as a pattern to create an embroidered background layer. Custom embroidery fill patterns add value to your apparel and looks unique.


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