Helpful Design Tips


01. Use contrasting colors


The human eye is attracted to different colors being paired together. Keep this in
mind when designing your t shirt to keep the garment interesting


02. Give Your Text Shape


Our platform offers a feature where you can change the form of your text by
bending or arching the words to incorporate in your design.


03. Less Is More


Graphic design is about saying things visually. Be mindful of each element in
your artwork to portray a clear image.


04. Always Think About Your Audience


Consider who your designs are for and what type of things intrigue them. This
will determine the elements you’re going to use, the color scheme you should go with, and much more.


05. Be Different


Creativity is about exploration. Study trends, be inspired by them, but never be
afraid to create your own. Making your own brand is all about telling your story and being unique.


06. Keep it Noted


It’s better to work with a bunch of ideas than start out from only one. Write down
or keep a note file on your device with little sketches of ideas that you think about throughout the day. You never know when inspiration will strike.


07. Know Your Files


File formats structure your artworks differently when they are saved a certain
way. Here is a list of all the files we can accept:

• JPG , • JPEG, • TIFF, • PSD, • EPS, • AI, • PNG, • PDF, • BMP