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High end, high quality screen printed apparel imaging that lasts.

Screen Printing retail-company manufacturing customs with personalised design. Screen printed apparel are the highest quality products you can offer your customers or fans. With up to 10 colors and a wide range of effects, your designs will be recreated by our separation process with stunning clarity and resolution.
Create durable products that last – wash after wash. With a vast and growing variety of apparel stock and accessories available, you’re sure to find the right colors, fabrics and sizes to develop your products. Select from our standard print locations or tell us what you have in mind. If you can imagine it, chances are we can do it – just ask. Add high-end effects and embellishments to further customize your screen printed apparel.
From purchasing apparel stock to handling shipping – we do it all for you. That leaves you with more time to focus on what matters to you. Call us today at (323) 433-0033 to learn more about our screen printed apparel options.



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I found this gem of a place through Yelp. I was using another supplier and he began to not be responsive to me. So I decided to look for another company to work with for my clothing line.

Alisa T. / Yelp

THE BEST SCREEN PRINTING in LA! They really do live up to their name! I went in for a custom hoodie printing job and they did an AMAZING JOB!

Victoria N. / Google My Business

Oh wow! They are really The Best! We needed custom hats to be embroidered. It was a rush order which needed to be completed in 2 days. These guys are life savers!

Sofia B. / Facebook

Traditional Inks

The most economical and high quality ink choice for the widest variety of screen printed apparel.

Plastisol Inks

Super durable and looks great on any color garment.

Formulated to achieve superior opacity and color matching accuracy, plastisol inks are the most commonly used inks for screen printed apparel. Made of PVC with an oil base for flow and viscosity.

Plastisol Pricing

Our standard pricing includes Plastisol Inks. View custom screen printing pricing in our Apparel Catalog.

Water-Based Inks

The best choice for the environment.

Water-based inks produce ultra soft prints and are the most eco-friendly inks available. Water-based inks are used by organizations with a desire to maintain a green profile and fashion-oriented companies looking for a soft-to-the-hand feel. With the consistency of water and a translucent base, designing for these inks should be reserved for minimal detail and color printed on an organic fabric. Truly an ink for those looking to print green.

  • Most eco-friendly inks available
  • Super soft to the hand

Screen Printing Effects in Los Angeles

Push your design even further

Accentuate your designs with any one of our special effects inks and applications. Whether it’s adding lifelike textures by utilizing a High Density Ink or giving your image a reflective quality by adding a foil transfer, these effects will add value and distinction to your next project.

Natural Discharge

Softest Ink Option for Black & Dark Garments.

This printing special effect is simplistic, yet highly artistic. By printing discharge agents on to 100% cotton garments and adding heat, a chemical reaction is used to create an off-white or bleached-out natural color. The result is a graphic area that is entirely void of any ink left on the garment. Due to the nature of this process, some variation in the color of your final print should be expected by you or your client. Some colors react to this process better than others.
Please contact your representative if you have any questions regarding the garment color of your choice prior to placing your order. If a specific shade of off-white is required for your project, please choose Soft Vibrant and we will match the color of your print file to the closest available ink.

High Density Inks

Take your design to new heights with our High Density Inks! High Density Inks are printed with a special screen setup to create a squared-off print that stands up to 1/8 inch above the fabric’s surface. This results in an opaque, durable, three-dimensional print that adds texture & depth to your graphic.
High Density Inks are available in any color in the Pantone Matching System solid color guides. If you do not have a PMS color guide, we can match your files to the closest available swatch. This effect is limited to one ink per garment and cannot be combined with Hybrid, Foil or Discharge Ink due to the heat required to achieve each of these processes. High Density Inks cannot be used for halftone images or graphics with fine detail. They work best with solid, bold graphic areas such as text or symbols.

Super Gels

Get the wet look with our Super Gel Inks! Similar to High Density Inks, but with softer, rounded edges. Super Gel Inks are a transparent way to compliment drop shadows or other design effects. This ink is best used to simulate liquid or accent an area of your design. While generally printed clear, Super Gels can also be tinted in a variety of colors.

Foil Transfers

Add shine to your design with colored foil transfers! Utilize one of our eye-catching foil colors to create a polished, mirror-like finish that will reflect light and make your graphic radiate like the sun. The result is a finish that is sure to make you break out your shades to keep the glare out of your eyes.
This look is created by combining a printed adhesive and a heat-transferred foil leaf. Foil can also be a great way to emphasize your multi-color design. Due to the manufacturing process, however, the other inks used in your design will have a soft-hand feel. Foil Transfers work best with solid, bold graphic areas such as text or logos and cannot be used for halftone images or graphics with fine detail. Limited to one foil color per print location. Extend the life of your foil prints by washing these garments inside-out in cold water and hang to dry.

Metallic Inks

Go heavy and drop some metal into your design. Metallic Inks give you a subtle, unfinished sheen without the polished reflective shine of foil. Available in 14 different colors.

Puff Inks

Stay puffed! Evoke 80’s nostalgia or create a throwback look to your raglan or trucker cap with Puff Inks. Puff Inks are a great economic alternative to High Density or Super Gel Inks, but have a much softer marshmallow-like quality. This effect is created by adding a puff additive to standard Plastisol Inks, which makes them rise like a freshly baked loaf of bread.
Puff Inks are available in any color in the Pantone Matching System solid color guides. If you do not have a Pantone color guide, we can match your files to the closest available swatch. Combine this with Standard Plastisol Inks of the same color in a different screen to create texture within one solid fill area.

Glitter Printing

Give your design a little sparkle. Glitter Inks are made of multicolor metallic flakes suspended in a clear Plastisol base and can be applied to your entire image or just one area. Glitter effect is available in any color in the Pantone Matching System solid color guides. If you do not have a Pantone color guide, we can match your files to the closest available swatch. Just tell us which areas.


Put the spotlight on your designs with TBSP own Glow-in-the-Dark Ink! Best used as an overprint with white or light-colored inks, this special effects ink is translucent and can be used over one specific area or all over your image. Because of the phosphorescence nature of this ink, the final print will have a slight green cast and Pantone matching is unavailable.

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