Embroidery on clothes


Requirements for Embroidery on Clothes

For the production of embroidered products, natural high-quality fabrics are used, for example, linen, cotton, batiste. Therefore, such clothes are not only fashionable and beautiful, but also very pleasant and comfortable to wear.
Since ancient times, embroidery has been used in the decor not only of clothes, but also of household objects. Today custom embroidery decorates fabrics of interior, ceremonial values.
We offer our customers complex services, including:
– Embroidery design;
– Preparation of production;
– Marking;
– Machine embroidery;
Embroidery on clothing and other products entrusted to the customer or offered by us.

Custom embroidery is ideal for marking:
– Pattern and finished clothing;
– Advertising and corporate clothing (overalls);
– Logos, stripes, emblems on T-shirts, baseball caps, bedding; tablecloths, towels;
– Badges of sports clubs and organizations, etc.

Once the data is entered on the machine, the embroidery process begins. First the elements are executed in the same color, and in the next steps the machine adds more thread to the pattern.
Various embroidery services in tbsp in Los Angeles are realised including 3D custom embroidery.