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The printing on the hoodies

The printing on the hoodies

The printing on the hoodies is: an advantageous investment and the ability to apply any design or inscription. Custom printed sweatshirts and hoodies will last a long time, and high-quality printing of symbols will delight every day; is the best choice for marketing tasks. The development of corporate custom hoodies with the image, logo or […]

Embroidery on clothes


For the production of embroidered products, natural high-quality fabrics are used, for example, linen, cotton, batiste. Therefore, such clothes are not only fashionable and beautiful, but also very pleasant and comfortable to wear.Since ancient times, embroidery has been used in the decor not only of clothes, but also of household objects. Today custom embroidery decorates […]

Screen Printing

Screen printing

Screen printing is another type of printing used in printing. But this type of printing is very different from all others in that it allows you to apply any full-color image on any surface. Whether it is paper or cardboard, polyethylene or oracal film, wood or metal, fabric or glass, any base is suitable, and […]